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Luxury buyers looking for the cutting-edge in refined vehicle design can find a happy home here at Pagani Miami. We have decades of experience matching owners to the luxury vehicles of their dreams. When it comes to our Pagani models, we were one of the first dealerships in the United States to be chosen to represent Pagani Automobili because we fell in love, heart and soul, with the lines, the power, and the breathless beauty that these vehicles bring to the road and the lives of their owners.

Pagani Miami was born from the determination of first Irv David, and then his son Brett David, to bring Pagani models to North Miami Beach and to the luxury shoppers of the East Coast. Whether owners fall in love with the wind-shaped and nature-inspired lines of the Huayra or the speed-demon confident fierceness of the Zonda, we understand the passion that drives them to seek out the best in automotive artistry.

Here at Pagani Miami, we aren’t just selling cars. We represent beauty, craftsmanship, and an entire lifestyle of embracing only the best. Our focus at Pagani Miami isn’t on sales: rather, we want every person who walks onto our showroom floor to be swept off their feet by the exotic luxury vehicles that have enraptured so many over the years. While other dealerships might keep their models behind glass or barriers, we allow customers to touch and feel the vehicles, and really experience them. Our Pagani Miami staff are also able to bespoke any exotic vehicle to cater to our customer’s unique desires. We do it all, from mild to wild and everything in between.

In addition to our Pagani models, luxury shoppers from Miami, South Harbor, Bay Harbor, Pine Crest, Palm Beach and beyond are able to find a wide variety of pre-owned luxury vehicles, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lotus, Rolls-Royce and many more. We carry $15 million worth of inventory, which means that luxury shoppers are sure to fall head over heels for one of our premium models. And even if a vehicle catches your eye at Pagani Miami and it’s not quite in your price range, we welcome any automotive fan who wants to learn more and plan for a future when they can buy the car of their dreams.


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We are not just selling cars, we are providing lifestyles.