Pagani | North Miami Beach, FL

While the Pagani nameplate isn’t familiar to many supercar enthusiasts in Miami and beyond, recent trends suggest the best is still ahead. Given the thoughtful composition, thrilling performance, and -- it must be said -- the rarity of seeing one in the wild, the Pagani brand is rolling off the tongues of Miami drivers with increasing frequency.

So, it should stand as no surprise that Prestige Imports, and its Pagani Miami imprint, is leading the charge in bringing the needed awareness to this burgeoning brand. With its uncompromising style, Mercedes-AMG-supplied engine dynamics, and revolutionary carbotanium body composition, it’s clear that a new day has dawned for those among us looking for the rare supercar that doesn’t pull a single punch. 

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Pagani Miramar FL


Founded with its roots in the Lamborghini line, Pagani was made available to United States drivers in 2007 and hasn’t looked back in the time since.


Pagani Pembroke Pines FL


Represented with flowing lines and an aerodynamic cockpit, Pagani compellingly breaks away from its more rigid supercar counterparts.


Pagani Aventura FL


Headlined by the mid-engined Huayra, Pagani models have been named “The Hypercar of the Year” by Top Gear Magazine, along with its many other honors..

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Pagani Hollywood FL
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